PE - 3000

PE - 3000

The PE-3000 with vertical wall panels and a clear safety mirror finished with mitered stainless steel or aluminum frames. A stainless steel panel suspended ceiling with energy efficient L.E.D. MR-16 style lamps illuminates your car. Wall to wall flooring provides a clean durable surface for easy maintenance. Complete with stainless steel No.4 finished reveals, kick plates, door skin, return and transom cladding and anchored handrail on a rear wall raised band is everything you require to modernize your interior. 

Extruded aluminum ceiling complete with stainless steel panels and six L.E.D. lamps.

Seven fire rated plastic laminate panels complete with stainless steel or aluminum mitered frames.

One clear safety mirror on rear wall finished with stainless steel mitered ‘J’ frames.

Single 1-1/2” tubular handrail.

Raised stainless steel No.4 handrail band.

Stainless steel No.4 kick plates on all non-access walls. Wall to wall porcelain or ceramic flooring.

Stainless steel clad door skin, return wall and transom. All reveals are stainless steel No.4 finish.