PE - 5000

PE - 5000

The PE-5000 is Premier’s traditional design: raised laminate panels complete with solid wood moldings on all non- access walls and optional mirror inserts matches a laminate suspended ceiling. Solid wood crown moldings stained to match the wall frames and laminate panels. The stainless steel clad returns, transoms, and door ties the handrails all together. Finally granite kick plates and floor border perimeters a 45 degree infield. This classical interior requires skilled craftsmanship and uses natural materials resulting in an overall quality made project. 

Fire rated laminate suspended ceiling complete with six MR- 16 style L.E.D. lamps.

Extruded wall to wall fire rated laminate panels complete with inset custom solid wood mitered frames stained to match the selected laminate.

Solid wood crown moldings stained to match.

Three 1-1/2” tubular handrails on all non-access walls.

Matching granite kick plates on all non-access walls aligned with floor border.

Granite floor border with infield tiles on a 45 degree angle.

Stainless steel clad door skin, return wall and transom.