PE - 6000

PE - 6000

The PE-6000 is one of Premier’s designer series: bold black reveals outlines laminate panels with solid wood moldings on all non-access walls. Above the stainless steel band, an optional bronzed safety mirror finished with solid wood moldings reflect the overall interior. The stainless steel suspended ceiling along with the clad return, transom and door ties the handrails and band all together. Finally granite perimeters a 45o degree infield. This designer interior utilizes both natural and durable materials perfect for a condo or office application. 

Stainless steel suspended ceiling complete with six MR- 16 style L.E.D. lamps.

Five fire rated plastic laminate panels framed with custom solid wood moldings.

One clear safety mirror finished with custom solid wood moldings.

One 1-1/2” tubular handrail anchored to a raised stainless steel mounted band per non-access wall.

Raised stainless steel No.4 kick plates on all non-access walls.

Wall to wall porcelain flooring.

Stainless steel clad door skin, return wall and transom. All reveals are graphite fire rated plastic laminate.