" The Premier Elevator Manufacturer "

Ensuring our clients are well informed and involved throughout the project is essential to building quality partnerships. This means our reps have to be knowledgeable about every step of the design plan as well as the manufacturing process to best provide understandable documents and information packages. We are constantly working at being a preferred contractor for condo corporations and elevator consultants and that often means fluid facilitation between departments. As we strive to be a preferred contractor we encourage our clients to ask questions, voice all concerns and offer idea's at any time to guide the process. Not only do our project managers work with us, they are there to represent you, the client. This means dedicated contacts for each project so that you don't get lost in the crowd. We consistently associate these services with our guide to build the best customer relations.

“Not Your Father’s Elevator”

In a world of building design and innovation some features come and go as dictated by taste and style, but some building features remain constant. Necessary functional equipment such as elevators are an indispensible feature of all cities and the vertical landscape.

The tightening of government guidelines stipulating enhanced accessibility in new buildings has boosted the demand for elevators and the subsequent modernization of existing elevators has resulted in strong market growth across North America.

This has not been the only significant market change. Elevators have evolved from typical utilitarian spaces that are necessary in high rises to elaborately designed interior spaces connecting the floors of a building to the reception, lobby, sky bar, rooftop lounge, restaurants, fitness centers and more. The increase in efficiency and installation of elevators has enabled architects to rethink how they plan and use the different zones of a building.

This is where Premier Elevator comes in. We deliver beautifully customized elevator interiors that not only enhance the aesthetic value of a building but also create tangible connections between the floors and interior spaces of that building.