Elevator Notice Holders Toronto

There's the tape-it-up-and-hope-it-stays method, the sticky-backed-transparent-binder-page “upgrade” — but, the best way to display essential information inside elevators is purpose-crafted elevator notice holders. Toronto businesses, hotels, hospitality centres, and residential facilities units use designs from Premier Elevator. These are easy to locate, attractive, and are the perfect complement to nearly any elevator interior.

These are useful in making inspection and certification documents an attractive part of your elevator interior, as well as posting announcements, restaurant menus, directions, and advertising materials.

Whether you choose brass or stainless steel, we’re here to help you choose the right type of elevator notice holder. To order elevator notice holders or ask for more details, call Premier Elevator.

Choose a Style — Brass or Stainless

It's okay, they can take it; elevator interiors are designed to withstand impact from luggage, carts, and other items. We've taken this same approach in offering notice holders with 5-millimetre shatter-resistant glass, coated with a clear laminate for added durability.

Premier Elevator's notice holders come in brass and stainless steel. Brass is a great option for brass-, gold-, and wood-trimmed elevators, while stainless perfectly complements everything else.

For our stainless steel model, we've selected an attractive brushed finish and 20-gauge frame. Clean lines, durability, welded back flaps, and safety locks make an attractive, secure presentation.

Display Elevator Certifications and Announcements

Whether your elevator is in a hotel, multi-family residential complex, or office building, it’s likely that displaying your elevator certifications are required by code or community bylaw. But, if you care about appearance, this is one visual element you shouldn’t ignore. It's usually the small details visitors notice (especially in luxury hotels).

Don’t break it or tape it — hang it on the wall. Contact Premier Elevator to order elevator notice holders in Toronto and throughout North America.

Don’t See a Product?

Our list of products is so extensive we couldn’t possibly fit it all online! Contact Premier Elevator today to discuss your needs.

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