Schedule an Elevator Interior Repair in Toronto

If your building's appearance matters to your organization, don't forget the elevators. Elevators in office buildings, hotels, and multi-resident units see a tremendous amount of foot traffic. Over time, floor tiles, carpeting, and surfaces can show signs of wear. And, certain types of damage can jeopardize safety and the professional appearance of your building. We're here to help.

Premier Elevator is one of North America's leading elevator interior design studios. We can provide you with a high-quality replacement or elevator interior repair. Toronto complexes such as The Ritz-Carlton®, Shangri-La Hotel, and One King West have all relied on our expertise and professionalism when repairing elevator interiors.

To schedule an elevator interior repair in Toronto, contact Premier Elevator. For over 25 years, our in-house engineering and design teams have led the way in interior repairs and design. The elevator interiors we manufacture are shipped out across North America and can be seen in some of its most notable buildings.

Safety is on the Up and Up

Loose elevator flooring tiles and tears risk the safety of riders. If you notice curled, chipped, or worn tiles, be sure to call out the Premier Elevator team. We can schedule services outside of high-use times to minimize disruption.

Elevate Your Appearance

While building owners may not notice outdated or worn elevator interiors, your visitors will. Premier Elevator has a team of engineers and designers working to make elevator interiors supremely attractive and accommodating. We can help you choose non-slip flooring, energy-saving lighting, as well as smudge-free elevator cab interiors to give your building a seamlessly attractive presentation.

Premier Elevator completes 3D renderings and graphic illustrations so you can see how your elevator interiors will appear before any work begins.

Heightened Durability

If you find you're continuously tearing out and gluing down elevator carpeting tiles, you may want to consider non-slip tiles, rubber flooring, or another alternative designed for high usage. We can repair your elevators' flooring and help you come up with a long-term fix.

Repair or Replace?

Are you constantly scheduling repairs to your elevator interiors? Maybe a switch-up in cladding, panels, flooring, or handrails is in order. We have attractive elevator design options, including textured stainless steel, aluminum, and fire-rated laminates, such as:

  • Cladding
  • Flooring
  • Frames
  • Handrails
  • Kick plates
  • Mirror panels
  • Panels
  • Suspended ceilings
  • ...and more

Let's Discuss Your Elevator Interior Repair Needs

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Premier Elevator’s work can be seen in some of the most detail-conscious buildings in North America. We invite you to check out the photo gallery and see some of our latest custom-designed elevator interiors. Then, contact us for a quote on your elevator interior repair.

Contact Premier ELEVATOR for elevator manufacturing. We ship across North America.

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